Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1st post!!!!

The first thing that pops into my mind when I want to procrastinate is that I have to listen to my music. Right now I am obsessed with Lady Gaga’s new song “Judas” and cannot stop listening to it over and over, which I bet my neighbors love.

It was while I was procrastinating cleaning my apartment that I stumbled upon an article about Google and its new service called “Music Beta.” It appears to be a more accessible ITunes, where instead of just having your music stored on your computer, you store it in the Google cloud and can access your music where ever you have an internet connection, including Android devices. Click here to read the article which will elaborate on the details and special features of Music Beta.

When it comes to up and coming gadgets and services, I tend to fall into the Rogers (1)  category of “Late Majority,” especially compared to the early adopter category that my dad, brother, and other IT folk I know are a part of. While I am getting excited about my brand new (ah-hem, refurbished) Acer netbook, I have a bunch of people showing off their brand new IPad and all the nifty tricks it can do. I want to get in the ground floor of this particular service, although since I buy my music of ITunes, I will most likely use Apple's version when it comes out  instead of Google’s. I love the idea of having my music with me everywhere I go, so I can start parties with my awesome taste in music.

The other pro of cloud music storage is that it provides another avenue of backup. Backing up information will be a running theme in my blog entries, not only because it is a smart thing to do, but because my networking textbooks and A+ certification guides drilled that in my skull, so I repeat that mantra as often as I breathe. Back up right now!

Speaking of A+ certification, my next entry will be about the exam itself and some good resources to study. I like the A+ as a first certificate to get as it tests on the basics of computers and networking.  Before I started studying for it, I couldn’t tell you the difference between RAM and ROM.  Now that I passed, I proudly show off my A+ ID card whenever there is a lull in the conversation.  (BTW, RAM is Random Access Memory that is cheap and fast memory that is accessed by the central CPU, while ROM is Read Only Memory, that cannot be erased;  an example of it is when it is used to boot the operating system. I will elaborate more on these topics at a later date)

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